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First National Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited was formerly called the Point Fortin Area Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited. The credit union changed its name on the 25th March 1998 at its Annual General Meeting.

The credit union was established from the amalgamation of the Shell Staff Credit Union and the Techier Village Credit Union with a total membership of seven hundred and fifty-seven (757) members and a share capital of Seven Hundred and Sixty-Two. The institution was visible from its inception as it became a major financial centre for both the employees of Shell Trinidad Limited and the community of Point Fortin.

The merger was easily facilitated with a substantial portion of its membership having belonged to both founding institutions. The consequence was an organization heavily dependent on the petroleum sector.

However, over the period 1972 to 1993, the membership had grown to approximately thirteen thousand (13,000) persons with a Share ownership of up to Fifty Million Trinidad & Tobago Dollars (50,000,000) and employed twenty-two (22) persons. This has strengthened the organizationīs ability to absorb oscillations in the petroleum sector.

In its embryonic stage, the organization was predominantly a lending institution. However, it has emerged as an organization still focused on lending but has undertaken to provide investment and consultant financial services. These areas have surfaced as the catalyst for the future development and growth of First National Credit Union.

In 1998, the organization changed its name to First National Credit Union, thereby allowing the acceptance of ‘nationals’ of Trinidad And Tobago to become members of the Credit Union. In March 2000 the First National Credit Union acquired the County Council Employees Credit Union. The Credit Union now has assets of approximately 150 Million Dollars and Five (5) service locations in Point Fortin, Curepe, Siparia, Rio Claro and Tobago. The Credit Union has an experienced staff in the area of lending, and has a developing small business portfolio.





First National Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited
Head Office: 8-10 Techier Rd., Point Fortin, Trinidad, W.I. Other branches.
Phone: 868 648-0734, 2451, 1732; Fax: 868 648-2484
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Oct 22, 2004
FNCU Hurricane Initiative
FNCU has been at the forefront of extending support to persons affected by Hurricane Ivan

Oct 22, 2004
New Service Coming Soon
FNCU GIA allows members to check their balance online

Oct 08, 2004
FNCU Family Day and Cook Out
Sunday 26 September, 2004 was truly a day of Fun, Family and Food for First National Credit Union

Oct 08, 2004
FNCU Travel Company
Revised First National Credit Union Travel Corporation hours 

Oct 08, 2004
FNCU helps fire victim
FNCU helps where it matters most

Aug 31, 2004
FNCU Systems Audit
First National Credit Union has recently commissioned an organization wide systems audit.

Aug 31, 2004
FNCU Scholarship Awards
FNCU open the door of opportunity for youth!!

Aug 31, 2004
FNCU gives Merit SEA Scholarship
FNCU has given its first merit scholarship to Terek Trim

Aug 31, 2004
FNCU launches Gold Key Card
FNCU has broken new ground and made another giant step in the direction of customer service.

May 30, 2004
FNCU SEA Seminar

FNCU gives SEA students a self-esteem boost!

Feb 28, 2004
FNCU Quality Service Improvement
FNCU has taken up the challenge of creating value for all stakeholders.